The Travel Journey Begins – Leaving Arizona

The Travel Journey Begins – Leaving Arizona for a 100-day travel journey.. backroads and small towns are the goals. traveling in a Ford Campervan Full-Time RV Living, RV Lifestyle, RV Life. Support RVerTV Click Right Here:

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10 comments on “The Travel Journey Begins – Leaving Arizona

  1. Chris R

    So excite for your travels!!!  I’m sure you have some great places to show us!

  2. PrimeTime UCF

    Maybe we will cross paths this summer. I am leaving Florida in about 4 weeks to head west to San Francisco, then driving up the Northern California Coast, Oregon and Washington coasts to Vancouver. Then heading east to South Dakota before heading back to Florida. 5 weeks on the road for me!

  3. david shontz

    Buckle up …ill be living vicariously thru you…will be in Az in will be in Q mid Sept hope fully

  4. John Tilson

    ‘So long Quartzsite’. Yeah, dusty little desert towns are best left in the rearview mirror during the scorching summer months. Amazing how these places go from ‘hell’ to ‘heavenly’ for winter visitors weary of the frozen north! Looking forward to videos of your summer adventure tour, Russ!

  5. Hal Huston

    Thank you Russ. You made the long cold winter in Montana a little brighter. Hope to be in a warmer place next winter.
    Safe travels

  6. Legendary Michael

    Aw I will miss u Russ being in Quartzsite hopefully we can see u In the fall

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