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#Travel ✈ at Guano Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Getting to know the Grand Canyon. This is really a BIG place. So thankful for having the opportunity to know it in this life, appreciating it i many ways. The… Read more »

Arizona | Grand Canyon | Las Vegas Travel Vlog 2019

Even though we had a rough start of the trip…(missing the flight was definitely not part of the plan)…, but we still had the best time roadtripping between Arizona/Grand Canyon… Read more »

Arizona Travel Diary | The Grand Canyon & More

A video of our time exploring Arizona, more specifically The Grand Canyon. Pictures and videos certainly don’t do this place justice, it is so breathtaking and beautiful in person. We… Read more »

Antelope Canyon | Lower Antelope Canyon | Arizona | USA | Travel Guide 2019

L I K E || S H A R E || S U B S C R I B E Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in the American Southwest…. Read more »

Las Vegas Arizona & Utah – What To See | Travel

Spent 4th of July weekend in Las Vegas, Arizona & Utah. Check out what to photograph & video and what to do in Las Vegas, Arizona & Utah. Enjoy! First… Read more »


From Nevada, Arizona, Utah, to California, we celebrated Mary’s birthday by hitting up THREE canyons in one day! (Antelope, Glen, and Grand Canyon) If that wasn’t enough driving, we also… Read more »

The Grand Canyon | Hindu Canyon | Arizona | USA | Travel Guide 2019

The Great Grand Canyon, in Arizona, USA, also known as Hindu Canyon, is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon, with its layered bands of red rock revealing millions… Read more »