Phoenix + Tucson, Arizona 2019 VLOG | GoPro Travel

music: Outlaws from the West remix by NightBlue + Beat Town Road by Trap for a Western

We made our way from Phoenix to Tucson! It was a difficult journey to be honest lol we had plans to get off the plane in Phoenix, get tacos and head straight to the Greyhound station.

Well all that went well except we headed to the wrong Greyhound station (why are there 2??? lol) so we missed our bus and we couldn’t get another bus until the next day. We ended up staying in the west part of phoenix in a cheap hotel and it was dangerous. We also brought a tent with hoping to camp and we couldn’t find a single tent camping place in Phoenix that was for people under 55 years old. It was a wild journey but Tucson was beyond amazing! The camping, the mountains, the city, it was all gorgeous and perfect. Thennnnnn on the way back to phoenix, our bus started on fire lmfao