Fort Tuthill Campground: Flagstaff, Arizona: ABZ Travel Day 7️⃣ Full-Time RV Life

Fort Tuthill Campground: Flagstaff, Arizona: ABZ Travel Day 7️⃣ Full-Time RV Life.

🌸Next Video you’ll see why we had to leave Fort Tuthill County Campground ⛺️😞☹️ We we’re not able to be refunded for the 2nd Day/Night. But it was super fun and worth it🙃🤓😁🌸

🌸Thank you for being here and watching. You are blessed, wonderful and appreciated🌸


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    1. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      🌸L😁L thank you Aileene. Much appreciated. At this time we’re in Nevada but regarding Fort Tuthill it was so fun‼️ We had to however leave the next day and in my next video you’ll see why. I did say hi 👋 to the girls thank you. Have a blessed and happy Weekend Aileene🌸

  1. TwoPlus Three

    ….and my 3 year old loves your videos, especially when it goes fast and your voices go squeaky 😂 always fun watching you guys 😁😊

    1. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      TwoPlus Three 🌸How wonderful, I remember what those ages of 3 & 1 were like. Zia is now 5 and Bree is 9. God bless you and your family TwoPlus Three🤗 and thank you🌸

    2. TwoPlus Three

      ABZ Minimalist RV Life God bless! My 3 year old is a girl, I have two girls 3 and 1 year and a 10 year old boy. I’m so happy your girls loved my comment😊💛. Blessings to your family 💕

    3. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      TwoPlus Three 🌸🤣My kids laughed when I read your comment to them and it sure made our Sunday L🤣L. They enjoy when I do that too, it’s somehow funny for kids. Thanks to you and your 3 year old 😄. Is he a boy or girl? I’m happy that you guys enjoy the videos. When I put that in I’ll especially think of your 3 year old laughing 😂🌸

  2. TwoPlus Three

    Beautiful. You have a very blessed life and it shines through the smile and laughter of you and your children. God bless. 💕

    1. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      TwoPlus Three 🌸Oh my it’s so nice of you to say that TwoPlus Three because it was so freeing for me when I started finding value in experiences instead of things and clutter and stuff that I could accumulate. After getting rid of it all I found more joy and happiness in life and stopped worrying about things and more things. God has been good to us and I’m so greatly for the opportunity to let go and let God and travel. Thank you for being here and sharing with us TwoPlus Three. You are blessed and appreciated🌸

  3. Barbara Changes

    Your daughters remind me of my babies when they were younger, sitting close to one another, laughing and giggling.. such a beautiful thing.
    My friend I’ve sold almost everything. I can’t wait for the journey to begin. When i thought i was done selling, then God directed me to this and that, and there was quick interest. I have not become wealthy fr9m it, but I have some coins in my pocket. While sitting on my back porch, as usual there was traffic noise, car doors slamming, air planes, people talking loudly, mingled with birds and crickets chirping….simultaneously. The 7 years of country living in the early 2000’s was sweet to my soul. God promised he would restore me. I will not nomad fill time, I have to grow my food. Freedom from the hustle is no joke.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      Barbara Changes 🌸You’re wonderful for standing by and for your son. It’s amazing how Moms look out for their kids. He will never forget what you do for him and when you get older he got you. I’m sure when you great stories are read it will touch and encourage those who reads it as I am. Thank you always for caring enough to share in hopes of helping others. That’s selfless. God’s willing I’ll see you at the RTR Barbara. You are blessed🌸

    2. Barbara Changes

      ABZ Minimalist RV Life I was stressed about so many things as I got closer to the end of September. My son having a place was at the top of the list. I felt I wouldn’t be able to move forward with him being homeless. But he wasn’t diligent. I had to participate in search, but he had to look and decide. I could write about this on a spiritual level. Trusting God is everything!! I want others to read this with the hope that they will step out of their comfort zone. It will take some time, but take the step. Yes, my son has a place and he said he will take care of momma. I was stressed about having an income or residual cash flow. Well, I trust Him for that too. He reminded me of “this time” and “that time” when he blessed me. Wow, it was done. I don’t need another miracle because I believe.

      Blessings to you and your girls my friend. Lord willing, I shall see you at the RTR in January

    3. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      🌸WOW Barbara, this was very heart warming for me to read. I’m so happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎈 Freedom is sweet and so highly sought after. I so appreciate you sharing and look forward to meeting you on the road someday. What an amazing blessing for you getting things in order. Thank you again and yes it’s a beautiful thing seeing your kids closely bonded😊🌸

  4. M.A.G. Visions

    Love your vlogs you show the most amazing places 😍she’s so cute yes always be careful no matter where you go
    Very nice site to stay a couple of days

    1. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      🌸Hi M.A.G. Visions, it’s always great seeing you guys. Thank you, you’re right to always being careful and alert. Safety first. Thank you😁🌸

  5. Donna Dory

    Have fun, stay warm.🤗
    Great Veido. 👍
    Thank you for sharing.💞 May you and your family be blessed with good health and happiness Today,Tomorrow, and Alway’s. 🙏
    Safe travels.🍀

    1. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      🌸WOW🤗 Thank you Donna Dory for such a beautiful comment. Also a warm welcome to you and I appreciate you being here sharing your time with us. That’s a beautiful Cat 🐈 in your Pic. We receive your blessings and welcome your presence here🌸

    1. ABZ Minimalist RV Life

      🌸Thank you Earthbound, yes it was amazing and being back on the road is priceless. Have a beautiful rest of weekend🤗🌸

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