First Vlog! Trip to ArizonaPart 2?

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July 3rd to July 8th Alissa and I (MF’n Tony) took a trip down to St. Michaels, Arizona for a prayer ceremony. It was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! So much family came.

Part 1 is pretty much the first day of travel, EARLY morning drive from Bellingham, Wa to SeaTac airport then flew to Phoenix, Az.after some shopping around we head north east to the Navajo reservation to be with our family.

Well I had high hopes of making a video with more people talking and interacting and less “B-Roll”, but sometimes pulling out a camera in the middle of talking story and enjoying company is tough and can mess up the vibe- plus some people don’t wanna be recorded RESPECT. this is also my first time doing this so cut me some slack all 3 of you ha. ENJOY.

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***This shit is pretty fun***


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4 comments on “First Vlog! Trip to ArizonaPart 2?

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