Road trip down Route 66 to Williams Arizona | Traveling with kids: GoGo Bros

This summer we took a road trip through Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. On this leg of the trip we travel along Route 66 to Williams AZ, and stop at some strange roadside attractions along the way.

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trip to arizona: days 8 – 10 (vol. iv)

just a fun lil vlog series I made for friends and family!!!

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TRAVEL VLOG: Sedona, Arizona – Salsa & Ranch Adventures!

Watch as me, Joleen (aka Ranch) and my husband, Xchel (aka Salsa) travel the globe for comedy one panic attack at a time. I’m a stand up comedian and he’s an improviser and stand up comedian and we love to travel. Join us on our hilarious adventures in comedy and marriage. xo,
Joleen & Xchel Hernandez

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New Mexico and Arizona Travel Diary | Missions Trip

June 27th-July 8th a team and I headed out on a missions trip to the Navajo Nations located in New Mexico. We stayed there for a few days, and we helped in a camp called “Native Vision.” I learned so much about opening up in that experience of talking to kids and other people my age and older. We had a concert day we performed in, I played piano, and the next day we did a youth day. Much happened in just the span of few days, and it was amazing to see God move so much. However, it was soon time to leave and go on to our next stop. We drove to Arizona, and stopped at a place called window rock for a time, then we proceeded to go to my most favorite place of the trip. Canyon De Chelly, oh what a beautiful sight! We lay on the ground late at night and just admired the stars with not artificial light in sight. After our time spent there, we went to the Apache reservation, and we did the same two days we had did before. Once again it was such a fantastic time. On our last night on the missions field, so much happened. It was a life changing trip, and I feel so blessed to have touch other people’s lives, while also God was changing mine!

This was filmed by- Christina Ranfeld and Jonah Barnes
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Hello Arizona

Is always my passion to directed and edited something i love to do. A short trip to Arizona with amazing scenery and hot sun.

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Travel Vlog | Sedona, Arizona

I lost my Grand Canyon clips (oops) but this video includes hiking Devil’s Bridge and Pink Jeep Tours. I had so much fun, I wanted to make a Travel Vlog for it. Enjoy!

VLOG – Arizona, Phoenix, Grand Canyon and Route 66! [SUB ITA]

🎥 What happened during our trip to Arizona, visiting Phoenix, Route 66 and the Grand Canyon! My links ⬇

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