Phoenix, Arizona to Irwindale, California travel time lapse July 17, 2018

This is our 6 hour and 30 minutes’ drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Irwindale, California. No interruptions, just jerky camera moves from time to time. Also, while we are going on these journey’s we listen to audible. Right now we are listening to the “Super Powereds” series by Drew Hayes. Those books are a good 10 plus hours of listening time, and the positive is audible is always offering a free trial of 30 days. So, you too can check it out before your next road trip. (NOT SPONSERED!!!)
I love making these for you. I realize time lapse videos are not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak. But I am enjoying this and I do it strictly for entertainment value only. I am in no means encouraging speeding, or any reckless driving. Nor am I trying to capture anyone’s faces.
I love you all so much, thank you for watching.
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Arizona Travel Diary | 2018

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