Most Amazing & Interesting Facts About Arizona Travel To Arizona In Urdu & Hindi

Most Amazing & Interesting Facts About Arizona Travel To Arizona In Urdu & Hindi
Today in this video we’ll talk about beautiful and artificial forest Arizona
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Arizona Mission Trip to Work with the Navajo People

“Why are you in Hard Rock? What purpose do you serve? 00:13
“What led you into ministry?” 05:33
“How long have you been in Hard Rock?” 10:11
“What is the key to reaching the Navajo People?” 12:56
“How are you equipped to reach these families?” 14:55
“What is the vision that you have for your location?” 17:41
“What do you see for the future of this ministry?” 24:21
“What are the details on the future basketball court?” 26:15
“How will you help support your future young leaders?” 28:09
“How do you get support right now?” 29:01
“What are you closing thoughts?” 34:22

My two sons and I travel to Hard Rock, AZ once a year to work with missionaries Robin and Faith Jelle. Hard Rock is a small community in the Navajo Nation and they struggle with many issues out there. Robin and Faith are a huge resource to these people as well as being a reflection of the love of Christ that these people so desperately need.

This interview is a brief explanation of what is happening, who is affected, what the needs are, how you can help, and more.

If you have any questions/comments about this missionary experience, please send me a message here on YouTube or comment below. Thanks for watching!!

We went to Arizona and didn’t die | Steph Tarno

If you are scared of heights, this video might make your heart drop – we took on some of Arizona’s highest viewpoints.
This is part two to our ‘seven states in seven days’ travel vlogs so make sure to subscribe and turn your notifications on.
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Grand Canyon – South Rim
Yavapai Point
Mather Point
South Kaibab Trail
Horseshoe Bend, Page

Arizona Road Trip

Our 2 day road trip to Arizona!

We visited:

– Sparky’s, the worlds famous green chile burgers in Hatch, NM!
– Big Surf Water Park in Scottsdale!
– Tombstone, a historic wild west town!


Whats up everyone?! So in this episode of the dingle hopperz, we took a trip to ARIZONA! From trying new foods to different dares, we have been having so much fun with all the different activities we have been doing! We went to a butterfly exhibit and got to see the cycle of a butterfly and come in contact up close with over 3000 butterflies! Some of these tricked Anthony so good because they would fly so close to our faces! HAHA! We had some really funny reactions that we are sure you will all find very funny! If you enjoyed this video, please make sure to comment your favorite part down below! Make sure to give us a BIG thumbs up and click that subscribe button down below! Peace out everybody!!

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HCTV: The One in Arizona

This short little video consists of our girl Hailey showin off her trip to Arizona. It’s a different type of video then normal but I hope you enjoy it either way. Thanks for watching and hanging with Hailey 🙂

Arizona Vlog 2016: Day 1- Travel Day

Sept 5, 2018: Well it only took me a few years to publish these vlogs but i’m hoping to renew my motivation to create videos again. This will be the first of a 6 part series sharing our experience in Arizona a few years ago. Definitely a bucket list experience and a magical place that will surely bring us back in the near future. Thanks for watching.

July 12, 2016- The day has finally arrived. Time to pack up and head to Baltimore to catch a flight to Vegas. We pick up a rental van from the airport and drive to Arizona. Follow our journey.

Music: “The Ocean” by Andrew Applepie

Arizona & Utah Road Trip 2015

Took a 10 day road trip to Arizona and Utah in 2015. Visited Sedona, The Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Bridges National Park, Moki Dugway, Goosenecks State Park, Mexican Hat, Monument Valley and Old Scottsdale.